Human training is one of the main pillars in the process of development and economic growth and a real challenge in these domains, especially in an era of knowledge economy. Imparted by education and knowledge transfer, training is a crucial factor in the process of sustainable development.

That’s why training is a key element in any of AGRICULTIVA’s projects. We combine the most advanced technology, expertise, and experience available worldwide in the fields of agricultural training and human building capacity, together with a recognize staff of international training experts in the different fields of agriculture, agrobusiness and animal husbandry.

AGRICULTIVA develops and implements comprehensive and tailor-made agriculture training programs. Some of our most recent training programs were implemented in Angola, targeting farmers as well as technicians from research stations of the Ministry of Agriculture. With the emphasis on practical training, 18 different courses were held in approximately 2 years, with a total of 353 participants, including technicians from the research stations.

Training is an endless process at AGRICULTIVA.

We believe this is the key for future development and prosperity in countries around the world.